Divine Brawl

Divine Brawl

Divine Brawl” is the first game of HARP Games, a studio founded by friends and colleagues.

Platform: ios / android

Genre: Figthing game with RPS mechanics and Mini-games gameplay. / FTP
Engine: Unity 3D

Rating : 4.5/5 (22/09/2020) on android

My roles: ​

  • Game designer
  • Economy designer

My Participation:

  • Game Design
  • Economy Design
  • Documentation
  • Balancing


As a game designer :

  • Designing and iterating the concept of the game, going from the original Idea, a Rock Paper Scissor game playable in real time, to the final game, a sort of party-game revolving around the upgrading of characters as well as personal skills (accuracy, endurance, speed).
  • Designing and implementing the game flow
  • creating and iterating on a number of important gameplay elements including but not limited to Heroes and abilities.
  • Prototyping Mini-games concepts.
  • Designing of interesting Daily Mission.
  • Precise documentation for communication between the team
  • Balancing and tuning all kinds of aspects of the game, ranging from Mini-Game scores and league difficulty to the bots difficulty depending on the player’s level.

As Economy designer :

  • creating and balancing of the whole in-game economy, from the battle rewards to the daily rewards.
  • Designing in-game purchases content and their relative cost.

The implementation was done through an in-house system.


Challenge an opponent in the world-widely known concept of Rock Paper Scissor.
Choose Amongst  multiple heroes to create the best team
During fights tip the balance in your favor with simple, fun and quick mini-games.
A fight consists of a hero duel in 2 winning rounds.
The player’s team is made up of 3 heroes, each of which may be from one of the 4 available classes (Striker , Fighter , Support, Mystic).
Each class has the upper hand over one of the other classes (the system Rock).
Also, through the hero evolution system, in addition to making them more powerful, each hero acquires a unique evolutionary skill, which can be attacking, defensive, or can be synergized with that of another hero on the team.
The main asset of Divine Brawl is the presence of a playful mini game in each round allowing the player to be able to increase his final score against a more powerful hero thanks to his dexterity, endurance or speed.