Current project

I had say, in the first post, that this blog was for me to talk about game and level design, and so far, i’ve only talked about pixel art. And by talk I really mean put some images done in less than 10 minutes . But well.

So let’s talk a bit about game design, and what I’m doing right now.

Right now I’m working on a mini game inspired by a combination the « Raft of the Medusa » painting by Theodore Géricault and the « 8th continent » a giant deposit of plastic in the pacific ocean, that’s practically  forming new islands of garbage.

Raft of the medusa

For some time now, I’m falling in love with the concept of clicker’s games. (Very) Basically, you click, and stuff happens, then you wait to click again, then the numbers begin to climb by themselves. And they get bigger and bigger, every time you click. Then you spend some of that number (or resource, you call it like you want)  on upgrades, that make those number grow further and faster. Then Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

The more time you spend on the game, the bigger the numbers are. And I have to say, it is quite addictive.

But most of the clicker I’ve came across lack in visual feedback. I understand that for a proper visual feedback for those kind of number (like the one in Adventure Capitalist, running in the thousands of figures) would be crazy.

So my goal is to make a « small » and « scripted » clicker. By scripted I mean that it have a finished objective, for each level, more and more difficult as the game go.

Each level would represent a sector of the ocean to clean up on your raft.

Following the concept of CivClicker (here) to get resources, you need worker, or Crew in that context. But to get those worker, you need food, or fish (you get the git, i’ll stop now) and to get this food you need crew to handle the canes, or unlock the nets which are expensive automatics gatherers.

Like the canes, most of resources gatherer must be handled and crafted by a crew member and take one tile of the boat.

The boat can be increased in size, tile by tile, by spending wood planks gathered floating on the water tiles (by clicking on them)

In total, for now there are 5 resources:

  •  food => needed to attract and keep alive crew members
  •  fresh water => needed to also keep alive the crew members (decrease at a faster rate than food)
  •  wood => needed to increase the size of the ship, craft objects
  •  metal chip => craft objects
  •  plastic => goal. Need to go down to 0.

The objects  :

  •  canes
  •  fishing net
  •  furnace/boilers
  •  plastic nets
  • and other object still in the thinking process

This is it, of course, temporarily