Survivors” is my end of course project in DSK Supinfogame, in Pune. We worked on it on a team of 8 people, with the perspective to present a prototype to a jury composed by professionals of the video game industry.

My role: ​

  • Lead game designer
  • Level designer

My Participation:

  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Environment research
  • Documentation
  • Balancing


After a catastrophe that almost destroyed the humanity, Shaad, our main protagonist, try to rebuild a civilization; by travelling around the world and gathering survivors and resources until he found the perfect place to establish a permanent colony.


Inspired by games like Dwarf fortress and Don’t Starve!, we designed it to be a management game, with a huge part of survival and hints of exploration.

The main difference with traditional Management game is that the player only embodies one character, Shaad, and has to give orders to the rest of his tribe. The goal there was to give the player the feeling and the responsibility of leadership.

To accompany this features, we designed a system of Mood for the other survivors, working in a way that most of the actions of the players has an impact on their overall productivity.


I’ve mainly worked on the creation of the documentation of the game, not for the prototype, but in an optic of the production of a real game.


Here is the Game design Document, as a sample of the work i’ve done on the game.